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KIC CRM is a simple and intuit CRM and case management for small and dynamc businesses. The app helps you to keep track of the people and companies you do business with, communications with them, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when. Along with that it tracks your sales and marketing team in every move giving 360 degree visibility.

Welcome to KIC CRM

If you're looking to invest in small business CRM software, KIC CRM is the best. KIC CRM is a Small business cloud based CRM software and is typically lightweight (in the good sense), designed to meet the unique needs of a small business without being cumbersome, overwhelming or expensive to maintain.The CRM offers a number of useful tools for messaging notes, sms and email forwarding, calendar and reminders and task management in addition to the contact management and reporting tools.

CRM and Case Management. Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

KIC CRM lets you easily configure your dashboard to get the most insights out of your data. Our elegant dashboard designs allow you to quickly see plans, follow ups and graph patterns in all your key metrics. KIC CRM dashboards have a sleek, lean look, allowing you to understand your company's data without unnecessary clutter.

If you have a bog sales/marketing team and you wanted to monitor their movement in geographical area, KIC CRM helps you with 360 degree visibility. It can alert you through SMS, email or in dahboard, where they are currently and timestamp when they reached the targeted location.

With KIC CRM you Make better decisions, Motivate your team, Impress your customers and React quickly

Data and graphs speaks of your business

Data and graphs speaks of your business

360 degree visibility of your business in a single dashboard.

Inspire your team and customers

Inspire your team and customers

Promote a data-driven culture by displaying your Data dashboard simultaneous on multiple devices, from mobile to large screen TVs.


  • Customer Management
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management
  • Task Management
  • Team Tracking
  • Remainders and Alerts
  • Calander
  • Follow up
  • Email, SMS and Text Messaging
  • Posting on Social and Community portals like facebook and twitter
  • Reports


KIC CRM will connect people, processes, and systems- all to one place and put you where you're needed most, so you focus on the growth.

  • Improve sales (visibility into the sales pipeline)
  • Overall view of your business
  • Improve services you deliver to your customers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer communication
  • Team Tracking and 360 degree visibility
  • Collaboration and organization
  • Productivity and efficiency


Let's do business!

We will provide 24/7 Customer care support to our customers.

  • Training
  • Documentation and Materials
  • Onboarding
  • Customer care support
  • Customization
  • Private cloud
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